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A home is a sensory experience! A feeling, a smell, the visual delights, the neighborhood sounds – a taste of the good life. And then there’s that magical 6th sense, which tells us it’s the right home!

At Spazio Realty we aim to deliver that promise, thanks to the excellence of our people and their unwavering dedication to the highest levels of service and ethical behavior. Owned by entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate, tax & legal advisory and financial services industries, Spazio Realty combines its dynamic marketing, industry-leading technology and infrastructure support to meet all your property needs. Always attuned to the pulse of the property market, we make it our business to evolve continually and identify new opportunities. Spazio Realty offers a distinctive range of property services that spans from residential sales & marketing, commercial sales & rentals, as well as a complete range of tax & legal services aimed at creating a legal frame to protect your assets against high taxation, and beyond that, enabling a tax-privileged transfer to the following generations.

We believe that with our experience, knowledge and understanding of the market, appointing Spazio Realty as your preferred real estate broker is the right decision to make.